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Sept-Dec 2005

    Class One

    We had Michaelmas on September 24th, 2005 (instead of Sept. 28th). This was a double occasion to give a traditional farewell to Abu who was travelling to a foreign land. Through Archangel Michael, we hoped that we could be guided from evil, and also that the spirit goodness, love and justice will ever live with us individually and as a community. The occasion was closed with a cultural dance.

    We also had three field trips between October and November. Classes 1 & 2 visited the Parliament building in Freetown; Class 2, State House; and Class 4 went to the National Sea Port.

    We continue to make traditional costumes for each class and for our school main dance group. We had a Christmas play for the first time this year. This occasion brought to our school different people of various religious faiths in the community.